The I.D and the ego

Day 6
Schemes active/complete: 13
Money made: £0.16

Just a quick post checking in. Not a whole lot to report as yesterday was spent drinking and today spent grotesquely hungover. Appropriately enough the only new scheme I have underway is Scheme #65: Look young and buy booze – Serve Legal operates a programme whereabouts if you look underage you can get paid to purchase alcohol from different retailers and test to see if they ask for I.D, sort of like a mystery shopper only with a 100% chance of having some alcohol to drink afterwards. Even though I’m 27 next month and never get asked for I.D anymore I’m sure if I have a close shave and start using the parlance of the youth of today (“on fleek”? Is that one? Have I spelt that right?) I can make for an effective Serve Legal agent. I guess I could wear a T-shirt which literally says “I am a 16 year old” on it as well.

I applied for this yesterday and, much like the vast majority of schemes so far, must now simply wait to hear back from them. You have to send a scan of your passport along with your application, and in my photo I have the gimp long hair only a teenager would dream of sporting so hopefully that will help when I’m being judged on whether I look underage enough.


Very little movement besides that. The Qustodian app has still done absolutely nothing at all, my Qmee total hasn’t increased and nobody has paid for me to be friends with them for the day yet. I did have my first dream about the project, which I’ve found in previous undertakings is a sign that it’s truly taken hold of your life. In said dream I was walking around finding dozens of coins on the street which unfortunately has thus far proved pathetically unprophetic.

Only other announcement is that VIPER came back to me RE: my request to participate in a police identity parade. The good news is that they confirmed a “cash reward” is on the cards for taking part, the bad news being they “are not recording in the Dorset area due to the distance to travel from West Yorkshire.” I replied to say that I could not overstate my interest in volunteering and was happy to go anywhere in the UK they wanted me.

Now contrary to what you may think based on some of my past exploits, I am not an idiot. I know full well that the cash sum they provide would be significantly less than a train ride to Yorkshire, meaning the whole endeavour would net a loss and so wouldn’t be a money maker at all. However I’m attempting it regardless, likewise with all the methods which I know from the offset will ultimately leave me out of pocket. My role is to test these schemes, to see what each experience is like and moan about them for your amusement, not necessarily to make a profit. Even if a Bournemouth to Yorkshire train costs £150 and VIPER only tender a tenner, it’s my duty as a stupid little project boy to attend anyway just in case there’s a skint Yorkshireman reading this for whom my write-up might actually be useful. This is why I’m not factoring outgoings into the daily total; this is a study into how much money potentially sits in these schemes, irrespective of how much it costs to get there each time.

With that all said and done, if you’ll excuse me, I have to put my hangover to one side and answer some questions on Weegy about tractors. Good night.


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